The New Acoustic Popular Music Series

The New Acoustic Popular Music 
A 12-part series about the great new genre of acoustic-based music that is becoming the popular music for our time, while the destructive genres of heavy metal, hard rock and angry hip hop fade into the past.

          Part One - Mumford and the Movie
         Part Two - Blind Pilot, Avetts and Lumineers
         Part Three - Monsters and Men, Fleet Foxes and Dry the River
         Part Four - Elephants, Kings and Duos
         Part Five - From Horse Feathers to Vespers
         Part Six - Stave Off those Shovels with Paper Kites
         Part Seven - Civil Wars and Other Lives
         Part Eight - Railroad to the Graveyard
         Part Nine - The Singer Revolution (Part 1)
         Part Ten - The Singer Revolution (Part 2)
         Part Eleven - Bluegrass Update and the Amazing Sierra Hull
         Part Twelve - Ireland's Musical Soul

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