Classical Music

Classical Music has almost died in America. That is a good sign, however, because what is dying deserves to die... the 20th-century's infiltration of music based on discords, city and state orchestras filled with musicians clothed in black who are "on the clock" and overworked while they churn out lowest-common denominator performances of crowd pleasers in an effort to keep the doors open.

This section of "The Music Futurist" is dedicated to setting the record straight. I will be writing about the real great masterworks that were created by the geniuses who lived in the six-centuries that came before the discords arrived in the early 1900s. Our classical tradition is one of the greatest music traditions that the World has ever seen, but its reality has been obscured by a thin veneer of snobbery and elitism, and its very existence is unknown to millions of children who are being influenced by a dangerous corporate educational system.
Don Robertson "The Music Futurist"


Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns: A Cold Saturday Night in Nashville with Hilary Hahn

The Return to Tonality
Part 2 - Phillip Glass and John Adams (in progress)
Part 3 - (in progress)

The Ostracism of the Tonal Composers
Part 3 - Some 20th-Century Masterpieces
Part 4 - Alexander Scriabin 

The Sacred Choral Music of the Renaissance
Work on this series is in progress

Revolution in Music Drama - The Work of Richard Wagner
Work on this series is in progress

French Romantic Music - Franck Thru Ropartz and Duruflé
Work on this series is in progress

Gregorian Chant 
Work on this series is in progress

Part 1 - Music From an Ancient Time
Part 2 - The liturgy of Gregorian Chant
Part 3 - Antiphons and Responsories
Part 4 - The Ordinary of the Mass
Part 5 - The Proper of the Mass - The Introit
Part 6 - The Proper of the Mass - Gradual, Alleluia and Tract
Part 7 - The Proper of the Mass - Offertory and Communion
Part 8 - Hymns (Part 1)
Part 9 - Hymns (Part 2)
Part 10 - Hymns (Part 3)
Part 11 - Hymns (Part 4)
Part 12 - Sequences (Part 1)
Part 13 - Sequences (Part 2)
Part 14 - Litanies (Part 1)
Part 15 - Litanies (Part 2)
Part 16 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 1)
Part 17 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 2)
Part 18 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 3)
Part 19 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 4)
Part 20 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 5)
Part 21 - Holy Week and Easter (Part 6)
Part 22 - The Plainsong Publications

Arcangelo Corelli "Concerto Grosso Opus 6, No. 4" (Part 1) by Ensemble L'aura Soave in Cremona, Italy

Richard Wagner "Overture to Die Meistersinger" by the Vienna Philharmonic

Tomas Luis de Victoria "O Magnum Mysterium" by the Sixteen in England

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