Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nocturne, by Don Robertson

Nocturne (2002)
by Don Robertson, from "Ripples in Time"

Silver canopy,
The moonlit night,
Across the sky in mid-July,
A gorgeous sight.

The fine thin air,
The bold warm strokes
Of distant oars on Lac LĂ©man:
The happy folks.

     I drink the coolness of the breeze
     That stirs above my head.
     I sink beneath the moonlit sky
     To grasp the stars instead.

     Laughter gently fills the night
     And echoes through the air.
     The sound of luscious lapping waves
     Frees my mind from care.

     Soon around me crickets sing
     A pastoral symphony.
     The happiness of childhood dreams
     Feels like home to me.

     But when cold darkness climbs its peak
     And voices are all stilled,
     With sounds of nature sleeping,
     My day that night’s fulfilled.

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© 2014 by Don Robertson

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