Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Americans in Paris, by Don Robertson

Americans in Paris (2009)
by Don Robertson, from "Ripples in Time"

Down in tourist hell in Gay Pear-ee
I was seated in a brasserie
Waiting for the concert to begin
(Dans la cathédrale Notre-Dame)

Then these three Americans came in
And sat down next to me
One had her back to me
But I could see that the other two were
An American mother
And her American daughter

      (Even before I heard them speak
      I knew that they were Americans)

I carefully watched the woman
Her gestures were calculated
To be cute and fun
But when I looked into her eyes
All that I could see were
A terrible sadness
And regret

Paris, Île de la Cité

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© 2014 by Don Robertson

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